Posted by: Ana Lucia | August 5, 2009

Basic 4

Unit 7           CHANGES


1- Do you want to change something in your life? (your house, your family, your age, your school, your car, etc)

2-  Are you happy with your appearance? (your body, your face, your hair, etc)

3- Would you like to change something in your appearance in order to be more beautiful?

4- How much have you changed physically?

5- How often do you change your hair?


Write a paragraph about the changes you and your family need.(approximately 80 words). Deadline: August 31st

Unit 8     HEROES


Do you have a hero?

Who is your favorite cartoon hero?

Do you have heroes in your family?

What are the qualities of a hero?

Name a holiday that celebrates a national leader or hero. When is the holiday? What do people do on this day?


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