Posted by: Ana Lucia | August 5, 2009

Teens 2

Unit 9:       MOVIES


1- What is your favorite movie?

2- Do you like  horror movies?

3- How often do you go to movies?

4- Who is your favorite actor or actress?

5- Would you like to be an actor/actress? Why or why not?

6- Who is your favorite movie hero?


Unit 10 Can you play the guitar?

 imagesCan you dance?

Can you sing?

Can you drive?

Can you cook?

Can you speak English?

Can you swim?

Can you tell jokes?

Can you draw?



  1. 1-my favorite movie is Twilight
    2-yes,I do
    3-once a month
    4-Emma Watson
    5-Yes, I would
    6-Edward (twilight)

  2. 1-injustice league
    2-no i don’t
    3-on the wekends
    4-Haley Berrey
    5-why not ?
    6-dragon fly (from super heroes)

  3. 1- the ring 2
    2- yes i do
    3- on the weekends
    4- Leonardo Di Capro
    5- no ,i wouldn`t
    6- spider pig

  4. 1 the champions
    2 no,i don’t
    3 on the weekends
    4 leonardo di caprio
    5 no,i wouldn’t
    6 super man

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