About the teacher

Hi, my name is Ana Lucia . I am a teacher at Ibeu Madureira and Meier. I’ve been working as a teacher for more than 15 years. I love my job and I can’t imagine myself doing something different.

ibcoc 00082

If you want to get in touch with me:

orkut: Ana Lucia (go to the community I feel good at Ibeu and find me there)

twitter: @analumariano

facebook: Ana Lucia Mariano

email: anamariano@ibeu.org.br

These are some of my students:ATgAAABsYuoRr9uyX4Yv-XL-3umDDfFCInw_5pVrMIJHx6H2zQPMDxV_OM04gZpjfGN307GVIL_H7YLMUhtWeD84afqKAJtU9VC3QJoMvugp8SYRlPwNS0y09s5wbw

My teens 3 making a pizza


My Basic 4


My Teens 2


My English for Tourism 3



  1. Hello!! Teacher, Iam Edilson your student in conversation class , How are you ? I’d like to helping about how ordering the adjectives accordering importance ? For example:

    She is tall, beauty, intelligent, polite, frendly, rich, amazing.

    What’s the first one?

    • Hi Edilson! What’s up?
      This is the order:
      how big + how old + what color + where from + what is it made of + noun
      Eg: a small old black Italian plastic bag
      And opinion adjectives usually go before fact adjectives:
      Eg: An interesting young man
      Adjectives of size and length (big,small,short,long) usually go before adjectives of shape and width (round, fat, thin, slim, wide)
      Eg: a large round table

      Have a nice weekend Edilson!
      See you on Tuesday!

  2. Hi,teacher!How are you?I am Alessandra,your student in conversation class.Congratulations ,because today is your day!Your blog is very helpful.

  3. Hello Teacher! Congratulations and enjoy your teacher’s day!!! bye.

  4. Hi ALM!
    I am now completing my CELTA course as I intended many years ago when I first landed in the UK! I am loving it and I’d like to see you teaching in Brazil when I come over in April. Will you take me with you?
    Beautiful blog!
    (Have you guessed who I am?)

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